Hi. I'm Kate. This is what goes through my head.

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omg this summer
Anonymous: question #1

The meaning behind my URL: haha this one actually has some importance to me… Mockingbird by Eminem was mine and my old best friend’s song. I’ve loved it forever, but then a couple years ago the song gained more importance to me because of him and especially the lines, “But it’s just something we have no control over and that’s what destiny is. But no more worries, rest your head and go to sleep. Maybe one day we’ll wake up and this will all just be a dream.” <3

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I just made a Pinterest so message me your name and I’ll follow you!

Username: katehogan4

Okay, love you all, xoxo<3

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Deuteronomy 31:6
this is my favorite verse and it&#8217;s gotten me through a lot and i just needed to post it okay
father my children okay